Sunday, February 11, 2018

Trump proves America is cursed because of abortion

Watching CNN's Don Lemon attempt to wrestle Franklin Graham on cable news recently was like watching an innocent child inquire of the devil why he is wicked.   As I had expected Don eventually threw up the polite hand of surrender after repeatedly failing to comprehend Graham's perverse logic for why a majority of Evangelical Christians decided their God wanted an amoral pathological liar to become the 45th American president.  In the end Mr. Lemon just couldn't muster a question or argument capable of shaking the foundations of Mr. Graham's delusions.

Anyone who doesn't yet believe America is 'cursed' because of abortion probably hasn't taken a clear-eyed look at Evangelical Christianity's death grip on Republican politics.  America is indeed cursed because of abortion - not because women are having abortions - but because our nation's politics are currently beholden to the delusions of respected Evangelical leaders like Franklin Graham - those who preach the great lie that God desires women bear children against their will, rather than take responsibility for their own reproductive choices, including abortion. 

Anyone in the mold of an old testament prophet worth their salt today should break out their sackcloth and ashes and stand outside America's reproductive health centers and Evangelical mega churches and proclaim; "Woe to those who teach that God opposes the wisdom of reproductive choice, you have envisioned God to be a devil, therefore the Devil it is you serve." 

Respected Evangelical leaders who have become active in Republican politics to advance their perverse religious beliefs concerning human reproduction need to have the underlying cause of their delusions exposed during public discourse - so they become ineffective at spreading their delusions to the next generation of victims.

A majority of Americans understand it is illogical and highly counterproductive to oppose reproductive choice.  Abortion is often the most rational course of action for the sake of the woman, her family and the potential child.  Those of us who do support reproductive choice need to better understand how a person like Franklin Graham has come to think illogically about abortion - how a person comes to be 'cursed' with a religious delusion capable of stripping them of their power to think rationally about the abortion issue. 

Why does it seem rational to Mr. Graham and like minded Republican politicians to seek to restrict or even outlaw abortion - something a majority of Americans understand clearly as a wicked public policy prescription?

The answer lies in the psychology of belief in God and the psychology of delusion.  Delusion is a powerful state of mind which when induced divorces one from certain aspects of reality and restricts one's ability to think rationally.  A delusion is induced by embracing any significant 'false' belief concerning the nature of reality, or as Jesus explains in Christian scripture, "If the light within you is darkness, then great is that darkness."  Jesus also teaches in New Testament scripture that there are lasting negative psychological consequences for anyone who believes something false about the 'nature' of God.  Jesus called the induction of this particular delusional state, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (The unpardonable sin) - being in a state of believing something untrue concerning the 'nature' of God - ascribing wicked attributes to one's God.

Franklin Graham and individuals involved in the pro-life movement unwittingly ascribe wicked attributes to their God when they teach the subconscious mind of their followers that it is the 'nature' of God that God desires women bear children against their will, should they find themselves pregnant against their will or when carrying a damaged fetus.  Graham teaches that God does not wish for human beings to retain free choice or exercise their own wisdom as to whether or not they become parents once a conception has occurred. 

This 'unspoken' teaching is the perverse theological foundation of the pro-life argument once you strip away the emotionally charged false narratives about person-hood that pro-life advocates employ to snare their prey.  The nature of the pro-life vision of God is no different than that of a super villain in a horror story, a mad scientist who captures women to use as his breeding stock, forcing them to bear the children of his reproductive experiments against their will - because he loves them so much.

Nature is by far the most prolific abortionist, utilizing her own rudimentary wisdom to ensure the viability of a fetus before birth takes place.  The God envisioned by the pro-life advocate denies that humans should use their own wisdom in a similar fashion, to ensure that no child is ever born unwanted, unloved, severely handicapped or without the vital resources to thrive – the factors that ensure the viability of a child. 

A fetus is not a child in much the same way a stack of lumber is not a house.  A fetus is a potential child.   Those who deny this reality endanger their own mental stability when contemplating the abortion issue.

The God of the pro-life movement has been envisioned by those who unwittingly or recklessly blaspheme the Holy Spirit by attributing wicked and irrational attributes to the nature of their God.  Those who come to believe in this vision of God are stripped of their ability to think rationally about abortion. Women contemplating giving birth because of their fear of the pro-life vision of God would be well served to discard their fear – which is not of God – and be sober and circumspect while making their decision, because every newborn child will be subjected to the circumstances of their birth.

Jesus said of his disciple Judas,  "It would have been better for that man had he never been born".  Judas was a man described in New Testament scripture as a common thief.  However, Judas was also the only person in New Testament scripture Jesus specifically calls his 'friend'.  In speaking this way about Judas, Jesus was acknowledging a terrible reality still haunting the world today.  Our prisons are full of common thieves with one highly significant thing in common, they were born unwanted and raised unloved or born into a desperate poverty.  Sadly, it is often the heartfelt testimony of such persons to wish they had never been born.

So, this is why America is being forced to endure for a season an amoral pathological liar as our 45
th president and why a majority of Evangelicals embrace the absurdity of their hypocrisy to support him.   Because potent foundational falsehoods concerning the nature of God and the nature of reality animates their thinking.  Their delusions compel them to attempt to fulfill the perverse political desires of their perverse vision of God.  What better person to fulfill those perverse political desires than an amoral pathological liar.

Until Evangelical Christianity undergoes a significant intellectual reformation America will remain at war with itself politically over abortion, gay rights, women's rights and the greatest future political war of all - wealth inequality.  

Without question, the most accurate common sense interpretation of Matthew 23:15 is this:  "Woe to you who teach that scripture is God's Word, you hypocrites.  You travel over land and sea to win a single convert and when you find one you make them twice as delusional as you yourselves have become."

The scribes and religious leader's that Jesus often rebuked were those who had become delusional and abandoned 'rational thinking' from believing the relatively new fallacy being taught - that scripture should be considered to be God's Word.  Jesus often rebuked the ignorance and fallacy of scripture, even going so far as to dismantle the entire foundation of Old Testament Law when he said, "You have been taught an eye for an eye, but I tell you do not behave this way."

The abortion wars will end when Evangelical Christians finally wake up to their own murderous sin - making God a Devil who wrote a demonstrably imperfect book.